A cold start

Back down to earth with a crash. After being on such a high at getting discharged following a whopping total of 198 days in hospital, I can say I’m now starting to live my new reality.

Not everything can be plain sailing, and I understand that things have to be trialled to get it right. However, that doesn’t mean I have to be happy!The majority of my first day as free man was spent waiting around for people to arrive; unfortunately they hadn’t received the message that I would be waiting. So that was a good start.

I was also visited by the people involved with adapting my new home, which was much more successful. New plans and solutions are being put in place, and I think that my little world is going to start to come together.

Being home is, honestly, incredible. I have my own space, nobody else listening in on every word I say, and the only time I wake up is when Amelia sneaks in for a cuddle. What’s not to love?! This is what I’ve been waiting for almost seven months to get back to. There must be no better feeling than being back home.

Overall, I’m doing well. There are bound to be ups and downs, but I’m just going to have to learn and adapt. This life is not going to be easy. But I am meeting people all the time that truly inspire me, and I have a brilliant support network already. I have an amazing family, some truly fantastic friends, and plenty to keep me going. I’m excited for the future!

2 thoughts on “A cold start

  1. Congratulations on getting this far you have done amazingly well and should be proud of yourself. It’s wonderful to have such an important back-up of family and friends and I wish you well Sam in all your future endeavours.
    Love and prayers to you, Sarah and Amelia xx

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  2. We are incredibly privileged to be able to read about your personal story on your blog Sam. I want to wish you the very best of everything. You’re right when you say, “This life is not going to be easy”, but you can be sure it will be made manageable and enriched by the support network around you. I can’t begin to imagine what you have been through but know this…..you are amazing! With every best wish for you….Laura

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