Hi! Just a brief introduction to, well, me. My name is Sam, I’m 22 years old and live in the sunny north east of England. Like most 22 year olds, I enjoy seeing friends, experiencing new things and obviously drinking. I play guitar (albeit not very well), love driving and used to ride a motorcycle.

Family and friends play a huge part in my life. From my fiancée Sarah, my daughter Amelia Grace and my mum and dad to my best mates, I couldn’t get through this chapter in my life without special people around me.

Injury wise, I’ve had quite a few. If you’re interested, I’ll list them here. At the top, I broke both eye sockets, my nose and my jaw. My sternum and 3 ribs also got in on the action. Spinning round, I broke my neck at C7, although thankfully that one was stable and didn’t cause any damage other than a lot of pain. Further down, my back decided to break at T5/6, but for those of you in the know my level is T3 complete. Basically, the damage starts at T3, and my injury has resulted in my spinal cord being essentially severed rather than just damaged. Together, this all means that I am paralysed from the chest down. Whilst not a good thing, I count myself extremely lucky as I have full function above this level. My head is fine now, my neck hurts but works, and my arms are totally fine. I type on my own, I’m building up my skills on the guitar again, and one day in the not too distant future I aim to drive.

Moving on from injuries, career wise I always aimed to do a public facing, fast paced job. I’ve previously worked in a hospital, as an ambulance technician, in visitor attractions, in pubs, and in shops. Whilst I may not be directly able to work in roles such as these again, I still want to work with people. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up as a public speaker, annoying people in person as well as on the internet!

Contact Me!

To get in touch, simply comment on the relaated post or, if that isn’t what you need, please email wheelchairsamshow@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! I can be found on Facebook, just search for Wheelchair Sam. Or, if twitter is more your thing, i occasionally post on there, find me @wheelchair_sam. I have also recently joined Instagram, where i can be found at wheelchair.sam and I hope to be fairly active on there.