Credit where it’s due

Not many people can say they are as lucky as I am. Yes many people go through ordeals like mine and come out the other side, but not many can say they had a genuine angel to help them through the darkest times. I have had some very dark times, but despite all my pushing away and incredible ability to be annoying, Sarah has still stuck around. How? I don’t know. She has though, and I genuinely wouldn’t be here now without her.

From the Initial few days when she wouldn’t leave my side in ITU, to making sure I was as comfortable as possible despite the difficulties in HDU, to being there constantly for me to vent to in the spinal unit, I dont think I have met anyone quite so incredible before. She’s been my absolute rock, and I really don’t give her enough credit. I honestly believe that this has been just as hard if not harder for my family to deal with than me, and nobody has dealt with as much as Sarah.

Whilst I have been lounging around in hospital she has packed up and moved houses to somewhere accessible for me, she has kept on top of all the Bills and things that need doing, all while taking care of Amelia. She has done so much and still does. I don’t think I could even begin to say thank you enough. I’m just glad you’re mine.

Happy valentine’s day all, especially to my one and only!

I love you, Sarah Jane!

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