Happy Father’s Day!

With more posts planned for the coming week, I just wanted to drop a quick post to say happy father’s day to all the dads out there; whether I know you or not, I hope it’s been a good day for you. My thoughts go out to everyone missing out on that all important family […]

Give us a clue?

If anyone could point out the nearest exit to this whole pandemic thing, that would be great. I really am so saddened every day watching the news, and there are so many reasons for that. The almost celebratory way in which the daily death toll is announced is disgusting. These are not just numbers, they […]

When you’ve nothing nice to say…

It’s proving rather hard at the moment, finding what to say. We’re all in very different boats I think; some are merrily drifting, not really sure which direction but we will get there. For others, the ride isn’t so smooth, and there are storms galore along the way. Thankfully I am not in hospital any […]

Close to Home

As with many people, I am trying my best to follow the social distancing/ lockdown rules in order to protect the NHS and therefore do my little bit to save lives. However, my mum Sharon is one of those people working in a hospital, doing what she can to help those helping others. She is […]

When life gives you lemons…

Rather than making lemonade, we decided that today Amelia would finally learn to ride her bike! Now before anyone gets upset, this is on a private driveway, and although there is a public pathway running by, we ensured we observed social distancing protocols appropriately. Now for the fun bit! We tried this the day before […]

Four walls and a straightjacket

We might be in the middle of the most difficult times our country has seen since the second world war, but life inside still goes on. Unfortunately for me that means another day, another pressure mark. Even more unfortunately for me is that another pressure mark means another day in bed. So today, with the […]

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