I write to you now from the relative comfort of my living room. Not some strange hospital bay, full of other people and strange things, but my own home. And this is where I will stay, for today I have been released! I feel I’ve done the time, but I’m out the other side and in many ways better for it. Now I’m able to relax and start once again looking to the future. Happy days!

This quick post is just a note of thanks once again to all of those who have supported me along the way; doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, physio’s, OT’s, the list goes on and on. The biggest thanks though has to go to my friends and if possibly more so my family; without the support I have received I wouldnt have done half as well as I have. I’m now back home with my girls where I belong, and I couldn’t be happier if I tried.So here’s to a new life, with lots of challenges but exciting adventures yet to come. Cheers!

Photo credit to my beautiful fiancee Sarah, who has been my absolute rock.

7 thoughts on “D-Day HAS ARRIVED!

  1. good on you lad up and onwards mate you wont know me but I am jack dodsworths grandad and has kept me updated now and again on your progress

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  2. 🥳 This is indeed the happiest news, Sam!! Woohoo!! 🏠 Here’s to the future, the adventures yet to come, and to the happiest wee home tonight… sent with lots of love to you all x

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