Give us a clue?

If anyone could point out the nearest exit to this whole pandemic thing, that would be great. I really am so saddened every day watching the news, and there are so many reasons for that. The almost celebratory way in which the daily death toll is announced is disgusting. These are not just numbers, they are people! The number represents another loss, another waste of life, another person countless medical staff fought to save… I could go on, but I think I make my point.

Anyway, that’s enough negativity. Once again I’ve not had a great deal to say, so rather than blogging with empty words I thought I would save it up for a good, worthwhile post. So, here we are! I have been well since my last post, albeit a little bored and feeling a little cabin fever setting in. Sarah and Amelia are well too thankfully, and so far we seem to have avoided getting unwell (touch wood). We have really enjoyed the time together; it’s not necessarily easy all being stuck in a small house, but we have each other for company which is incredible. A lot of my friends live apart from their significant others, and I can’t begin to imagine how difficult this whole situation is for them. Hopefully we the relaxed rules they can at least see one another again.

One really good thing I have to share is that I’ve started having regular training sessions with a wonderful lady called Alex. She is a sports therapist, and is helping me with improving my fitness, strength and overall health, and incredibly I’m actually enjoying myself! Currently we have virtual sessions as the lockdown rules mean we can’t physically meet up, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. After an initial assessment, she has built up a plan that involves free weights, resistance bands, and even just my own (not inconspicuous) bodyweight to help me improve! It really is good fun, and more importantly it is working! Obviously it’s early days, but since leaving hospital I’ve had absolutely zilch in the way of further rehabilitation, so this is an incredible opportunity for me. She really is brilliant at what she does; by taking the time to get to know me, my abilities and limits, our sessions are perfectly tailored and I feel that with time, they will really help me and make a huge difference in how I live my life! For anyone interested, her Facebook is and Instagram is Please, if you have a sports related injury, need sports massage or are interested in anything I’ve mentioned, go have a look! I couldn’t reccomend anyone more highly.

Another thing is that my assessment for my new, active user wheelchair is rapidly approaching, and I am incredibly excited. I’m sure I’ve written it before, but until you find yourself in the world of wheelchairs, you don’t realise just how many types, variations and things to consider there are! It’s very much like buying a new car; there are so many options available it’s often hard to know where to look! Thankfully the NHS wheelchair services team seem fantastic, and I have a meeting with them and one of the big company reps very soon. Perhaps once I’ve had that I’ll do a bit of an educational post about wheelchairs… someone might be interested!

In other news I’m still waiting to hear about being able to order a new car, but there are things moving and other options in the pipeline, so if anything plays out I’ll be excited to share that with you all! On the opposite end of the scale, Sarah has been able to take advantage of some of the great weather we’ve seen and has been out walking in the woods. I won’t say I’m jealous (which I most definitely am) but I’m glad that someone at least gets to have a nice trek out.

So, short and sweet, that’s all for now. As above please go and check out Alex’s pages, she really is great. One of the things I’m going to start to make a point of doing is sharing pages I find interesting, or I’ve come across on this journey that I think everyone needs to check out. Obviously I’ve mentioned one in this post, so I’ll have a few more ready for the future.

I hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe; hopefully the new normal will begin to look like the old normal fairly soon and we can get back to living a little!

2 thoughts on “Give us a clue?

  1. Hi Sam been thinking about you all lots but always slow to actually write anything down. I don’t know if this is old hat to you (in which case just throw it away) or if it might be useful and interesting:

    It’s a strange new world of virtual meetings, and a bit weird that we know our neighbours much better now we can’t go anywhere near them.
    Keep on keeping on :o)
    Bernard and Michelle

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    • Always lovely to hear from you guys! Thanks for the link, theres many things available but they all have their own unique points so I will check it out! Hope you’re keeping safe and well, and this mad world isn’t too… maddening!


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