When you’ve nothing nice to say…

It’s proving rather hard at the moment, finding what to say. We’re all in very different boats I think; some are merrily drifting, not really sure which direction but we will get there. For others, the ride isn’t so smooth, and there are storms galore along the way. Thankfully I am not in hospital any more, and I am part of the drifting crew. Is there anything we can do? Well, according to the government’s ‘updates’ each day and the lockdown rules no, there is nothing we can do yet in regards to relaxing the lockdown. However, that doesn’t mean that we should lose hope.

I’ve found one of the hardest things is finding enough to do in order to tire myself out so I sleep well, but ensuring that I don’t do everything in one day and therefore have nothing to do for a few days. If I do that, I don’t sleep well, which makes me tired, which makes the days longer, and so the vicious cycle continues. Something I have taken to doing is watching/ reading foreign news coverage of the situation here in the UK. It is extremely saddening that we now have the highest death toll in Europe, and we’ve not even included all out of hospital deaths yet. Every single person that has passed away from this awful illness has family, friends, loved ones… all of those people ignoring the rules have family, friends and loved ones and yet are still allowed to roam free, with the police given next to no powers to do anything.

The latest developments, such as unlimited exercise and plans to attempt to reopen society, are encouraging. However, I have had a little setback; I received a letter advising me to stay at home for 12 weeks. Obviously I wasn’t a high priority as I received it at the end of April, but oh well. On the other end of things, I’ve had calls from both wheelchair services and motability which hopefully means things may start moving again pretty soon! Swings and roundabouts, ey?

Today has been a fairly good day. We had a lovely walk around the estate; I say we walked, what I mean is Sarah walked, I rolled and Amelia finally managed further than a lamppost on her bike! In my world, that is a fantastic success. Despite her not being at school, she is still learning plenty of new things, most just seem to be the type of thing they don’t teach in school. She enjoys many different types of music now (Read heavy metal) and is extremely helpful around the house. She is getting bored of it all, but how can you explain all of the craziness in the world to a three year old?!

I can only apologise for the lack of posts recently. The problem with every day being the same is that nothing happens, and I have nothing to write about. Hopefully with these new rules I may have a little bit more to share.

4 thoughts on “When you’ve nothing nice to say…

  1. So good to hear from you, been missing your honest and insightful musings. Glad you are all ok.
    My daily diary entries these days are so repetitive…Rachel working, Naomi and William working in the garden and I just futtered about!!!! Oh almost forgot the exciting inclusion on a Thursday evening….we clapped for NHS 🙈. Love you lots, keep safe xx

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  2. Hi Sam I’m your grandma sister Lorraine I’ve been following you for a while through the bad times and the good times keep strong and keep safe you and all your family

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    • Hi Lorraine, good to hear from you! Sorry for the late reply, been keeping off my phone a little bit. Thanks for your support and kind words, it means a lot. Take care x


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