Back to the beginning!

I’ll be back! That’s what I thought the last time I left James Cook hospital following my overnight stay. What I didn’t realise at the time was quite how soon that would be. Yesterday morning I woke up and started the day as normal. When Sarah was checking my skin, she noticed my ankle was swollen and not a particularly good colour. Oh. Bright yellow with a tinge of green, even I thought it was a funny colour. So after a long morning of trying to avoid it, between the district nurses and Sarah I was convinced to get it checked. Oh well! What better than an afternoon chilling there, with a packed room of people all waiting to be seen before me. Thankfully there wasn’t a single scaremongering moron wearing a useless surgical mask anywhere in sight.

Surprisingly quickly my name was called and I was taken through to see a doctor, who had one quick look at my ankle. After a twist and shake, we were sent off to X-ray for foot and ankle pictures. Unfortunately they were not the type some people like to buy on the internet. We were seen almost immediately, where the lovely radiographer helped to position my leg, and as soon as it began our photoshoot was over. I headed back to A&E, then once again back to the waiting room. After no more than 10 minutes my name was called again, and I was taken back to the doctor who initially saw me. He showed me the X-Rays, and explained everything he was looking for and could see. I’ve seen a fair few before, nowhere near enough to be considered able to read them, but even i could see that my bone density had dramatically decreased. We saw what looked like a break in one of the bones in my ankle, but as i had no pain and don’t weightbear anyway i was sent home with the advice to elevate it and come back if there are any other problems!

Overall it was a fairly pleasant experience, nothing like the horror stories you usually hear of queues out the door and hours upon hours of waiting. The only thing i could possibly improve was the disabled toilet, as it was a nightmare trying to shut the door. Not bad going, all things considered.

In other news I have finally started putting together a podcast, which I am pretty confident in not doing so well but it’s fun for me, so who cares! If you do enjoy listening to ramblings and stories of hospital, please consider giving it a listen when i finally put it out there. Also, if you have anything you would like me to talk about or even would like to join me, please get in touch!

On one final thought for the day, we all need to remember that life is too short to be selfish and unkind to others. the state of the country at the moment, with all hell breaking loose over a virus, is absolutely ludicrous. If one or two people buy all the hand soap available in shops, then how can the rest of us wash our hands and thus protect the wider community?! It is times like these that we all need to pull together as a team, and make sure that we get through this with as little hurt for people losing family members as possible. We survived SARS, Swine flu, Mad Cow disease, Ebola, the mayan calendar running out, Y2K… We will survive this. Just wash your bloody hands!

Pretty colours!

3 thoughts on “Back to the beginning!

  1. Hi Sam it’s Kev the loudest snorer in the land ha. I’m just sat in my front room bored thinking of the times I’ve been in hospital. Then you come in my mind and I remembered you talking about your blog so I thought I would look it up. I hope you have adapted to Wheelchair life okay and I hope you Sarah and your young daughter are all fine

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    • Ey up mate! Hah, not sure how you could ever be bored with that bloody app recording you make a rhino impersonation… appreciate you taking a look at the site mate, neglected it for a while, but slowly getting back to it. We’re all doing well thanks mate, if a little bored. Hope you’re doing alright!


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