A note of thanks

Being in hospital is not easy. I always knew it would be difficult, but I never realised just quite how bad it could be. I also never realised that one of the biggest things that helps get me through is company, friends, support messages etc.

Since I have been in here, I have received many messages of support; cards, texts, facebook messages, comments on my posts, people coming to see me… I could go on but you get the picture. This all means so much to me, every word is a boost that I use to help me focus on getting home. I’m not going to name many names here, as I don’t feel that’s right, but there are a few special mentions that I want to take time to acknowledge properly.

Firstly, my family. Obviously Sarah and my daughter Amelia have been absolutely key to me getting this far, and I genuinely wouldn’t be here without them. My mum and her husband Jon, my dad and his wife Sharon, my brothers and sisters, cousins, aunties and uncles; everyone has done everything they can to show support and help me as best they can, and I can never thank you all enough.

Next, my friends. Well, not just my friends, but Sarah’s friends, my mum’s friends, everyone who has helped me and more importantly my family stay sane and try to stick to a relatively normal life. People chatting to Sarah has been invaluable; from her nursing friends we have chatted to in corridors to people checking in via text; thank you. My friends for coming in, setting up my guitar and having poker nights with me; you rock. My friends I have made in the Coastguard, coming in and bringing me Milka and other treats, and using their positive thoughts to help me heal; I dont know where to begin to thank you all. My friends from college; texting to check I’m alright and popping through to have a chat, friends and old colleagues coming to see me despite working in this place as well, I’m just extremely lucky to have such thoughtful people in my life. Also, that milk tray went down a treat; Jodie, you’re a star!

This gushing thanks is obviously quite unlike me, but I feel as though I need to at least start to say the words. I have obviously missed a lot of people off, and I can only apologise; I love all of you and I promise it’s not on purpose. I can’t wait to be able to thank everyone in person, but until then I hope this post makes it clear; the gratitude I have for everyone and everything people have done is never ending. One day, I aim to repay the favour or pay it forward in some way. I’m not sure how, but I will.

Today, 9th November, is another big reason for this post. My Sister Ciara, my mum, my old schoolteachers and many more are out on a sponsored walk as I write. I’m absolutely overwhelmed by it all; these incredible people are giving up their own time to help me! I genuinely dont know what to say, so I won’t say much or I’ll ramble. I think a simple thank you is the best I can muster at the moment, so thank you all. Mrs Makin, Mrs Luke, Mr Redshaw, everyone else; I may have been a pain in school but at least you all see I’m not so bad now 😂 I hope the rain stays off, and I’ll be in to see you all at some point hopefully soon.

One final thank you is to everyone taking the time to read these ramblings; it means a huge amount to me that you’re all so interested in my life and progress. Thank you.

One thought on “A note of thanks

  1. Sam your posts are so enlightening about all aspects of your journey. So pleased you can now look forward to leaving hospital for your own family home close to family and friends. Love and best wishes are sent to you. Mal and Tim xx

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