Four walls and a straightjacket

We might be in the middle of the most difficult times our country has seen since the second world war, but life inside still goes on. Unfortunately for me that means another day, another pressure mark. Even more unfortunately for me is that another pressure mark means another day in bed. So today, with the sun shining and the breeze swaying the trees, I was still in bed at 5PM.

This one was my own fault, I thought I’d straightened the elastic on my boxers before going to sleep but evidently not. The lovely red stripe around my hip has meant that today, when I planned on being productive (editing a podcast), I’ve sat in bed instead. It’s hard enough being unable to go anywhere or do anything, but this is taking me right back to being isolated in hospital. With only netflix for company, those were some of the hardest days. At least this time Sarah and Amelia are here, and I’m in my own bed.

I hate these days with a passion. Skincare is so much more than a cleansing routine for anyone living with a condition like mine, and it’s also harder to maintain. From a little bit of ‘stuff’ on my seat, to the elastic of my boxers, literally anything can give me a pressure mark and leave me stuck trying to heal.

There are many people like me, and there are many people in a much more difficult position than me. Those who have been advised to stay isolated for 12weeks, those who have had care provision cut due to the risk, those who are now stuck in a dangerous position due to being in closer contact with abusive family members… in the last week, the domestic abuse hotline in the UK has seen a call increase of 150%. That is scary.

Luckily, I’m up for am hour or two now the mark has faded, so I’ll hopefully get some fresh air and the last of the sun. It could be worse!

I’m not a big believer in ‘signs’, but the love heart above Amelia cheered me up.

One thought on “Four walls and a straightjacket

  1. Sam, Amelia looks so like you, she is a beautiful little girl! Wishing you and your family a very happy Easter, you’ve done brilliantly! Best wishes, Colette

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