Week 2 Beginning

So it seems that I have survived the first week of lockdown! I am in awe of the amount of community spirit that has been shown these last seven days; the way in which people have come together in spite of being forcibly separated. We keep hearing it on the news, that the liberty of free people hasn’t been restricted like this since the second world war. How crazy is that?! The last time we couldn’t do what we want in a way like this was during the blitz. It is incredible to think of, and what’s even more incredible is the fact that people are. for the most part, actively participating in advocating the rules. Yes, it is a very difficult time, and unfortunately we don’t have a timescale for when it will end, but bare in mind that it eventually will. Even already it is becoming natural, and hopefully if we all abide by the rules this will not be anything long term.

Obviously not being allowed out of the house means that Sarah, Amelia and I have not really been up to a great deal. We have had a daily walk around the estate for our legally allowed exercise, and Sarah has kept shopping to a minimum. Aside from that, we have been trying (mostly) to stick to Amelia’s home schooling plan. It’s strange, with her being in nursery I didn’t really expect to have all that much to think about, but it really is quite intense. Between 26 letter and infinite numbers, there is quite a lot to learn! We try and make it as fun as possible, but unfortunately writing kind of has to be on paper, so needs to be sat at a desk. Oh well. We have had scavenger hunts, collecting things like socks and books in the house and leaves and branches when out on our walks. We listen to nursery rhymes, many of which are based on numbers. Hands up who can actually remember the words for them all? I certainly can’t, so thank god for spotify.

So whilst we have managed it pretty well so far, boredom can seriously be an issue. Board games are making a comeback, as well as card games and good old fashioned books. The app ‘HouseParty’ has become a favourite of ours, allowing us to chat to our friends and play games via the internet. What a world we live in, where despite not being allowed closer than 2m to each other we still have the opportunity to chat and have a laugh. We are very lucky indeed.

So, with not much to say at the moment, I think I’ll end it here. With it being all over the news and the first topic of conversation on everyone’s lips (Including mine, for those of you who listened to my first podcast) there is so much more to the world and to life than just Covid-19. Not everything needs to be about how bad it is, I think we all have enough doom and gloom for now. With that said, I just want to say that for those of you with the virus or showing symptoms, you are in my thoughts. The same goes for those of you with unwell family members, especially if you are unable to see them. Take care of each other, obey the rules and together we will get through this.

There are always flowers for those who want to see them - Henri Matisse

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