Can’t keep away.

Well, I’m 22 now, so that’s fun. I had a lovely day for it (wednesday), spent having fun with Family and Friends. I recieved a lot of lovely cards and gifts, including a lovely bottle of whiskey… I’m starting to build a lovely collection now!

Starting the day late, Sarah and I headed into middlesbrough for lunch at Central Park, which was lovely as usual. An added bonus is that it is extremely wheelchair friendly, with high tables and easy access. Win! From there, we headed back to my old stomping ground, the Spinal Injury Unit at James Cook. This time was for a lovely reason though; I was booked on a wheelchair skills course ran by a charity called Back-Up, one of the three leading spinal injury charities. I’ve had input from them before in the form of telephone mentoring, so I was looking forward to this. It involved going from the very basics of how to best push a chair, all the way through to fun things like back wheel balancing (wheelies) and tackling big kerbs solo. It was very fun and informative, and more importantly I got to see some of my old therapy team which was lovely! From there, we whisked straight off for food with some family. My sister is a talented Baker, and very kindly made me a salted caramel cake, which obviously went down a treat. To make it extra special, it was even green day themed. Another win!

Following that, we headed home for a few quiet drinks with Jack, Lucie and Aaron. However, wherever Jack is concerned, quiet does not come into the equation. Glowing balloons and spark fountain candles all found their way into my house, which was certainly fun for him at least! When we eventually did head off to bed, I could safely say it was a good birthday. Unfortunately, that’s where it ended…

The next day, Thursday, saw Sarah and I head through to Teesside Park to do some shopping. What started out as a simple shopping trip soon turned into a mad dash for the loo, and me feeling worse than I did the morning after the party. Oh dear. After a while of throwing up I thought I felt better, but unfortunately not. On the way home Sarah thought it good to call my GP, and I’m quite thankful she did. The greeting of ‘you look awful’ confirmed I was, indeed, a little unwell. After a check over it was determined that I had another water infection, and the GP wanted me to go back into hospital. I agreed if I felt no better in a few hours, so off we went with anti sickness and antibiotic prescriptions in hand. A few hours passed, and on Sarah’s strict instruction, I rang the GP saying I felt no better and that I would make my way back to James Cook. It wasn’t without worry however; I wasn’t going to the spinal unit, and so I didn’t really know what to expect.

Despite our initial misgivings, we shouldn’t have worried. The ward I was admitted to, the assessment unit, was absolutely brilliant. The staff were caring and attentive, and the entire thing ran like a well oiled machine. After a few tests and stabbings me for blood, I was pretty much left alone to sleep. I was possibly to be given IV antibiotics and fluids, but this was ruled out once my blood results returned. After a pretty restful night, I was given some more antibiotics and sent on my way. Overall, that experience was brilliant! My nurse, K.D, was incredible. Newly qualified, but with the professionalism of a 20 year veteran, I was at ease throughout my whole discharge. It really does make all the difference when nurses have time to chat to, and more importantly listen to, their patients. So thank you!

Overall it’s been a bit up and down the last few days, and I’m extremely grateful to be home again. Although I slept well I missed my girls, so that has cheered me up. I think it’s knocked my confidence a bit, being back in hospital so soon after discharge, but I won’t let it keep me down. Onwards and upwards!

On a final note, with the excitement of GP appointments and hospitals, I forgot to thank everyone for my birthday wishes. Cheers to everyone who sent messages, text, sent cards and got me gifts. It’s very much appreciated! I’m going to save all the money I get to put towards a freewheel, an accessory for my new wheelchair – when I eventually get it. Hopefully that won’t be too long.

I’ve a lot of exciting things to look forward to, and I’m still enjoying being home. I’ve had a lovely day today, despite not feeling 100%. Amelia has crafted, and we have watched movies and even better just chilled and cuddled as a family. It’s what I’ve needed, and I couldn’t do any of this without Sarah and Amelia. Peace until next time!

What better to make us feel better than matching hot chocolates?! Or, if you’re Amelia, Babychino’s!

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