On the verge

Well, the time is drawing near. There are whispers in the halls, hushed voices at desks, and fleeting glances in the direction of a discharge letter…

Previous experience has taught me that getting my hopes up results in disappointment, so I’ll not do that. What I will do is take stock of what’s happened since the last escape attempt, and compare it to where I am now. By doing that, even I can notice the improvements I’ve made. Again, I have been told I can be too self critical, but I see that as a strength. The ability to appreciate improvement whilst baring in mind the distance I’ve yet to go is something I’m working on l, and I genuinely do feel as though I’ve made significant gains in my abilities. Being in a chair certainly isn’t as simple as sitting down all day, despite what it looks like. For example, today I practiced what to do when the inevitable happens and I fall out of my chair.

To practice, my physiotherapy consisted of me getting from the floor to my chair. That sounds pretty simple and straightforward but in reality is rather taxing. First, I have to move myself from my chair to the physio plinth using my arms and transfer board. I then ‘safely’ got on the floor, again with only my arms. After using benches and other assorted items to lift up and down, I managed to get sat on the cushion from my chair, then a bench, then back into my chair. None of this would be remotely possible without the amazing physio team I get to work with. That being said, it still takes a lot of effort from me, and it’s bloody hard work.

Anyways, I’m off home for the weekend. It may only be two nights, but I’m excited. Peace, comfort of my own home, no regimented timetables… heaven. More importantly, I have some proper family time at my disposal. I plan on relaxing, hopefully catching up with some friends, and generally starting to adjust in conservative hope of the discharge finally happening. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “On the verge

  1. Does indeed sound like a lot of hard work on your part, Sam – you deserve a fantastic weekend now, so enjoy every second…let’s hope that the discharge letter will be forthcoming very very soon for you! 😘🥳

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