Unexpected Surprise

Well, I’ve had a lovely few days. What started off as a bit of car shopping on friday finished with me spending a few nights at home! Although unexpected, it was very much welcome and, unbeknownst to me, very much needed. When you spend a long time in a place like this, despite everyone’s best efforts and intentions, you do begin to become institutionalised. It simply can’t be avoided, but going home helps reset that and avoid it becoming a serious issue.

Having had my tea at home friday night, Sarah and I put Amelia to bed and, with Grandma keeping watch, we headed back to the hospital. Once there, we discovered a miscommunication had led the staff to believe that I was on home leave. Seeing a good opportunity, we took full advantage and, with a small pharmacy’s worth of drugs in tow, we headed back home. No complaints at all from either of us, it is a brilliant feeling to have a bit of reprieve from the monotony that is life in hospital.

Saturday consisted of much of the same; a quick trip to hospital, then out as fast as possible. This time we headed to the Audi showroom, where another contender made the list in the form of a Q2. As if the car choices weren’t already hard enough! After much swooning over the crystalline effect from Sarah, we headed home where one of our friends dropped by. As if we weren’t in a good enough mood, he added to the good feeling by inviting us to the evening of his wedding later this year. We both are very much looking forward to it. As it always does in these situations, time ran away with us and it was gone 9 by the time we said goodbye; another nice day over all too quickly. However, I guess, the quicker time passes the sooner I’m out of here, which is always good.

This coming week will be much the same as the last god knows how many I imagine; physio, OT and more physio. I know on Tuesday I get to go to hydrotherapy which is always welcome, so at least I have that going for me. I just can’t wait to move on to the next chapter of my life now, and start to put these months behind me.

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