Another one down

I think I’m starting to set some kind of record; how many discharge dates can one person have yet still be in hospital? For me, today once again was supposed to be D-day, or release day, or whatever. Clearly I wasn’t marked down as good behaviour as I’m still here. I won’t get into why as that’s a bit personal for even me to be raving about on the internet, but let it be known that as soon as this final issue is sorted, I’m running for that door! Figuratively of course.

Party planning is in full swing, which is helping to take my mind off the lack of going home. Having never really planned a party, it’s proving quite the challenge. Luckily we have good family and friends around us so it’s not too stressful. Nothing over the top, just a nice celebration with our nearest and dearest. My contribution so far has been to lick some envelopes for invitations, check the room is booked, and ask my sister to sort a DJ. I think I’m doing good.

The wheelchair front is progressing well; this month I’ll hopefully meet with a few reps from companies and start to decide what suits me best, and get it ordered. The lead time for this type of kit is usually a few weeks I’m told, so I’m stuck with my tank for a little while longer.

The other night a few of my closest friends popped in to see me. I had a lovely evening; despite being in hospital, and being sober, and Sarah not being with us, it felt like old times. One of the guys I’m on about bought me a t-shirt, and quite frankly I love it. Sarah was less impressed when I wore it out shopping the next day, but what’s life without a bit of fun!

As I wait to be set free, I realise my attitude towards this entire thing seems to be changing for the better. Having those nights at home has really helped, and I feel as though I’ve had enough of a break from hospital to make it to the end. The light at the end of the tunnel is right there, I just have one last push to go. Helping me in the uphill struggle is a fantastic group of people I’ve met in the unit. Patients new and old are in a lovely group chat where we can whinge, moan, celebrate, query and chat. It really helps on the down days to know you’re not alone. Many people I thought of as friends have disappeared since the initial shock of my accident, and I’m grateful that there are so many others willing to support me as I go. I try my best to return the favour, but I’m not so sure how good I am!

On my shopping trip the other day I bought myself a new camera. Hopefully I’ll start learning how to vlog in the next few weeks, or at least take some snaps to demonstrate what life is like on wheels. I hope this will add something new to my blog; I want to share as much as I can of this new journey with those interested.

Smile! At least now I can park closer to McDonald’s! Cheers mate!

5 thoughts on “Another one down

  1. Love this gorgeous smiling photo of you, Sam…whoever got you that t-shirt, clearly knows your humour well!! Can’t wait for the vLogging… considering how wonderfully honest your blogs are, this whole new dimension will be an interesting one!!! Bring it on!! 🙂 x

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