Standard practice.

Any avid reader of my blog should hopefully have noticed a few things by now. I’m terrible at consistency, I worry about my skin, and I take going up and down seriously. Well, this update follows the policy of bad with the good, though this time the good far outweighs the bad.

I guess I should start with the biggest thing.

I asked Sarah to marry me and she said Yes!

I genuinely have never felt so many emotions so quickly in my life! I was terrified, nervous, hopeful, scared, happy, ecstatic and a bunch of others all within seconds of each other! I won’t go into detail here as it’s not the place, but it was cosy, romantic and I still can’t believe I’m going to marry the love of my life, the most incredible woman I’ve ever met, my best friend, My Sarah Jane.

I managed a few nights at home; christmas eve was a fantastic night with music, carols, reindeer dust and my favourite poem. Christmas morning was much of the same, with proper family time being my main focus. I recieved some lovely gifts; a bottle of scotch, socks, and a coat I’ve wanted for a very long time. More importantly, Father Christmas visited Amelia, and she seemed to have a whale of a time. The order of service next took us to my mum’s house for an absolute beast of a feast, which was brilliant. Cheers Mam! Following that, we swapped gifts with the family there, which I always love. By the time we had dessert I could barely moved, thank god I was already on wheels.

Back at home, Sarah’s brother and his wife arrived, and we had a great time seeing them and celebrating our new engagement. We finished off with Sarah’s cousin joining us; a lovely close to a great day.

Unfortunately, the next day was not quite so good. I headed back into hospital for what I thought would be a quick shower and check over, and ended up me staying in. I spiked a temperature, had a bad chest, and just became rather unwell, although I felt fine. Never mind, plenty of time of celebrations later.

A few days later, on Saturday, I had a fight on my hands; the hospital would prefer I stay in hospital, but I want to head out to 2nd christmas with my dad’s family. Luckily, a very understanding ward sister and a bit of a faff later I found myself in the pub with my family. It was a great few hours filled with laughter, love, more gifts, more food, and happy memories.

Overall Christmas was a huge success, and I can’t wait for the next one to fully enjoy it all at home!

Happy New Year All!

7 thoughts on “Standard practice.

  1. Have a fab time Sam, Family, Christmas, Engagement, New Year, enjoy every minute! Have enjoyed your blogs so far and you have made incredible steps to becoming well again, much love to you and all your lovely family and God bless you in 2020 xx

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  2. Huge Congratulations to you and Sarah!!! 🥳🥰 that is the loveliest news and what a way to start the New Year for you both (and ‘little Miss’ too, of course!). Hope you will get back home soon x


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