Christmas is coming

Well here we are, the Christmas period. For me, it all notmally begins with putting the tree up, decorating the house, getting calendars, and of course shopping. This year is a little different, in that I’ve done none of those things. It would be fair to say I’m not feeling particularly christmassy at the moment, but I’m getting more into the spirit. Sarah has been working tirelessly (along with some help) to move us into our new bungalow, and hopefully I’ll be able to spend all of the christmas period at my new home.

Having a young daughter makes missing out on christmas very hard indeed. I look forward to it all year; seeing her take in the lights on the tree, be excited to see what’s wrapped up, pinching chocolate. But none of that for me this year; she’s still loving it by all accounts, I’m just not able to watch at the moment. But this isn’t a sob story, it’s just making me more determined to get home as soon as I can. Whether I’m home just for the day, on home leave or completely discharged, I plan on fully enjoying christmas with my fantastic little family.

For me, in a way, I’m getting the best presents of all. I’m coming back to my family, getting a new home, and potentially getting out of hospital. Winning!

That being said, at the moment my mood is most definitely low. I can’t explain it really, I guess I’m just fed up of this entire thing. People controlling my life, not knowing the next step, people guessing at what should happen with my care… oh well. Not long left I hope. Today there is another reason for me to be sad. I’m losing one of my long time inmate friends, Steve. He’s helped me stay positive and face the challenges we have in common with true grit, and I’ll really miss having him here. Sharing this journey with others, although horrible, is very comforting. Good luck to you my mate. You’re a true gent.

At least today I am up in my chair for a few hours. I ache like hell, which I would guess is down to being in bed for days, but at least I’m up. Laying on your side and eating is impossible really, so it’s great to be upright. I’m not sure what my plans for the day are, but I should probably start christmas shopping.

2 thoughts on “Christmas is coming

  1. Sam I’m feeling it for you x especially for ur little girl, just one day at a time !(get them Christmas songs on ur phone) fingers crossed for u to be home soon xx

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  2. Thinking of you Sam. Can’t wait to hear about your journey in your new home with your family. Enjoy Christmas with them all. Keep smiling! Xxx


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