London bridge will not fall down

Firstly, I know this post has nothing to do with the aims of this blog, but occasionally things need to be said and, as my outlet, this is where I will post.

The London bridge attack saw multiple people injured, two people murdered, and the attacker shot dead. I’m not claiming to know everything on this subject, but I’ve followed as it became news and I have deep regret that once again, one evil person has managed to make such a mark on the lives of others.

It truly is times like these that as citizens of a nation, as neighbours, and as friends we must pull together.

The police officers involved, both armed and unarmed, are heroes in my eyes. It is believed that one man involved in initially subduing the attacker and taking the knife from him was in fact an off duty officer; I respect you sir. From the video footage, it appears that 3 armed officers jumped into the struggle, removed all civilians from the danger zone, and confronted this person. At that point, one officer was forced to make a decision; risk letting this man live whilst faced with a suicide vest meaning risking his own life, his colleagues, and the public, or use his weapon. I can’t begin to imagine what this officer had running through his head, but I am glad he was there, and so well trained. This man did his job perfectly. I’m not getting into the politics and ethics of it all, but hats off to that officer.

I will not name the attacker and give him what he wanted. I will think of the families of those affected, and I will think of the bravery of everyone, both police and civilian, involved in ending this person’s attack.

RIP Jack Merritt. You did not deserve to die. I am thinking of you, and your family.

RIP to the lady murdered in this senseless attack. I do not know your name, but I am thinking of you all the same.

Thank you to all involved. You are the definition of ‘hero’. I am sorry you were forced to become that.

One thought on “London bridge will not fall down

  1. Couldn’t comment on previous post so I will say here. My goal is to get back to my final placement and pass my last tripartite hopefully just before Christmas so I can hopefully make a difference to others in similar situations to yourself. As you say, mental health and physical health go hand in hand and we cannot ignore one or the other will suffer. I hope you Co tinue to push yourself but remember to not go so far as to set yourself back.

    And I have to say, one of the last conversations we had was regarding me likely being in a wheelchair by time I retire. I have to say you definetely took the extreme route just to try to get a head start to try and beat me at that wheelchair race we talked about…. Never know i still might beat you! šŸ˜‰

    Stay safe, listen to the physioterrorists and nurses, and get that butt where it belongs, even if only for few days over Christmas. Small victories mate.


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