The Beginning

Well, if you’re reading this, clearly you’re slightly interested in my story so thank you. This post will cover what put me where I am, the injuries I’ve had, and the start of my road to recovery. It’s a bumpy road, and has a huge toll price, but I’m making my way along it.

Right. This story starts on the 29th of July, 2019. At approximately quarter to four I think, I was riding my motorbike home from an assessment with the coastguard. It was rather important; I had been in the role just shy of a year, and so needed to pass this assessment in order to be classed as a full coastguard rescue officer (CRO). I don’t actually remember doing the assessment, but apparently I did well and fortunately passed. Anyway, I was on my way home, and was going up a hill. As I was on a small 125cc motorcycle, I was going rather slow. I came towards the top, and as I was looking at the road ( and knew the road well) I decided to hug the inside of the lane, where there was a wall, in order to avoid going over a large manhole cover. I came around the corner, but had no view through it. As I leveled out, I looked down to check my speed, changed gear, then looked up.


In what I estimate now to be less than half a second, I hit the back end of a flat bed truck, which was stopped in the road waiting to turn right. Luckily my trusty little bike was carrying me at around 20mph; any faster and I doubt I’d be here to write this. The front end of the bike hit, which took a lot of the impact, and then the back end bucked up, and I took the rest of the impact.

And that is it. From there, I remember very little, other than hallucinating in ITU (which I will get into later) and the waking up from my coma. Even though I cant remember it, that split second changed my life.

But yeah. I hit the truck, hard. I’ve still not managed to piece the story of what happened next together perfectly in my head, but here’s a rough outline. There are many elements of luck in my story, and they all start here.

Lucky element one is that travelling behind me in her car was an ex critical care nurse, who immediately attended to me. Element two is that a fire engine, crewed by some truly incredible people, was travelling towards me and was able to be flagged down, and therefore attend to me in what I understand to be less than two minutes. Lucky element three is that the NHS and Great North Air Ambulance exist, and were able to keep me in enough of a good shape to get to hospital. Precisely who did what is a mystery to me, but it doesn’t matter at this point; everyone there played a huge role in keeping me alive, and to that I really don’t know what to say. I am yet to meet these absolute heroes, but I will. When I do, I’ll tell you the story.

7 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Reading this is like listening to you speak sam. It’s fabulous to keep up to date with your progress on this journey. It’s a great idea and I look forward to hearing your news and views!its a lovely pic of you smiling by the way. Xx

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    • Absolutely loved reading this although very sad but by god Sam you are so lucky to be here😊 looking forward to your next blog already keep strong,chin up you can do this!!! Big hug from me jenny Carroll xx

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  2. Sam!!! Im literally lost for words 😳 and you know how gobby I am!!!
    Your amazing mate one of the strongest I know to date!!!
    Although this breaks my heart to read this (your still that little 16year old glass collector) I can’t wait to read more ♥️♥️
    All the best my mate!! Xxx

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  3. And…who knew you could write so well, Sam?! Your honesty, transparency, and humourous turn of phrase make for compelling reading…am I wrong to enjoy your blogs so much, given the subject matter? ! ! So very proud of you, Sam. ..Kimmy xoxo


  4. Hi Sam..I can’t figure out how to leave a comment on your latest post ‘Shooting the sh..’ (I know you won’t be surprised by this at all…blogging is a whole new world to me..thanks!), so I am just going to comment here instead.. :-).

    After reading your post, I am a ‘pirate warned’, who shall endeavour to be ‘more Nick’…inspired by being ‘more Sam’! Think on…xoxo

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  5. Hi Sam

    Just found your blog which is inspirational. I was working as a student paramedic within the ambulance crew. I can contact the crew I was with at the time of the crash if you still wish to meet them. I’ll never forget the condition i saw you in at the side of the road and in the ambulance but I’m so happy you’re alive and on the road to recovery

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